What Careers Are Available?

Did you know that up to 80% of all medical decisions are made after the doctor or nurse receives results from lab tests? 

Lab science is a growing career field essential to:


  • Diagnosing patient diseases
  • Protecting the public from epidemics
  • Finding cancer as early as possible
  • Determining the presence of familial disorders
  • Making sure that treatment and medicine is working and making patients better
  • Discovering the newest and best cutting edge biological and cellular technology to meet the needs of the fast pace change of health care


With a surplus of jobs available, a career in lab science provides competitive salaries, job security, geographical flexibility, and great opportunities for advancement.


There are multiple careers paths available in lab science. From providing information vital to diagnoses and treatment of individual patients, to protecting the public from chemical terrorist threats, to ensuring a safe blood supply - there is a career opportunity for everyone.


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The Thinking Student's Guide to Lab Science

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