Public Health Lab Careers

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By choosing a career in the public health laboratory YOU can make a difference!


  • Several people in your community are admitted to the hospital with high fevers and respiratory illness. The ER doctors want to know what kind of virus is spreading through town. How contagious is this?
  • One of your popular State lakes has been closed for fishing and swimming until further notice. Who will determine the water is safe?
  • 120 people become ill after eating at a local restaurant. An investigation begins to determine the cause of the illness. Is the food safe to eat?

A public health laboratorian is responsible for answering all of these questions. Public health focuses on the well-being of a community. People who work in a public health laboratory are the first level of response when it comes to questions about the safety of the environment and people around you. Microbiologists, biochemists, and chemists work to test biological and environmental samples to provide doctors, epidemiologists, and health officials with the important answers needed to determine the safety of the public. Public health laboratory professionals work to prevent widespread health problems before they occur! Click on the career guide below to learn more about the exciting careers that await you!

Interactive Public Health Career Guide

Do you ever wonder about a future career in public health? There are exciting career options available at every level of education. Whether you are interested in an undergraduate or postgraduate program, the Public Health Career Guide can help you find a career path that's right for you.